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    Upgrading FM6 RUNTIME



      Upgrading FM6 RUNTIME


      I have created and distributed a runtime app in Mac and Windows environments using FMD6. The solution involves several related databases and each file is password protected for HIPAA compliance. When I make changes to the application I allow users to upgrade using scripts that import their data into the new solution. Obviously this will not be possible when migrating from a v6 to v10 solution.


      Is there a cross platform method to move the data into the new runtime app?



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             I'd create one last FMP 6 upgrade that includes scripts to export the data into text files. Then your V10 upgrade can use scripts to import the text file data.
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            Hi. Thanks for your suggestion. That was the way I was planning except that I have a few concerns.

            1. The data sensitive and exporting it to a format that is not password protected is a bit dangerous -- especially if the script should get interrupted at all.
            2. There are a number of "Memo" type fields with multi-paragraph data that concern me in the translation. I guess I could go FM5 > (what?) DBF > FP7, but I was really hoping their was some kind of developer's upgrader tool or trick that I didn't know of. You're sure there isn't?
            Please let me know if DBF is the best format to keep my paragraphs together. The fields may be 4 or more pages of notes.