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Upgrading from Access Questions

Question asked by rmittelman on May 6, 2011
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Upgrading from Access Questions



I'm trying to redo an Access app in FM Pro.  I'm quite new to FM, so need to know if I can do these things.  The Access app is for awarding financial aid to college students.

1:  There are multiple schools in a Schools table, with an auto-incrementing ID column.  The user starts the app and chooses a school and a fiscal year (09-10, 10-11, etc).  This becomes the "active" school and year.  Everything done thereafter is relative to those items.  I guess I need to create a layout to display available choices and allow user to pick them, and a "current data" table to store the chosen values to, so during the session they are available.  Is this right?

2:  The app is multi-user.  Several people may be in the app, each working on a different school.  How would I set up this table mentioned above so each user has their own default school and year?

3:  The app requires that after choosing the active school and year, I write some information into the Windows registry, in known registry keys.  How can I do that with FM Pro?

4:  The app requires obtaining a data record from an external Access database.  The criteria values to obtain this record are readily available on my FM Pro layout.  The question is, can I build an access query to get that record and populate various field values into the active layout?

5:  On the active layout, there are several fields which have to do with student income.  There is also a field which is for the financial aid awarded.  I must populate that field based on the other fields, which are added/subtracted to get "total income".  The Awards table has 3 columns: Year, Max Income, Award Amount.  I need to find the first record in the Awards table where Year = "active year" and Max Income >= the "total income" calculated previously.  Basically, finding the right record based on income in the table.  All of this is the formula/lookup for the calculated "financial aid awarded" field on the active layout.

There will be many more issues to resolve, but it seems like these 5 are show-stoppers if they can't be resolved.  Can anybody answer one or more of these questions, so I can learn how to accomplish them in FM Pro?