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Upgrading from FM Pro 4.1 to FM Pro 11 Problems

Question asked by birdparts on Oct 24, 2012
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Upgrading from FM Pro 4.1 to FM Pro 11 Problems


     I have been using FM forever to run my auto parts business. I am running 4.1 on a five year old PC running Windows XP. I just had a new PC built with the latest Windows OS and all kinds of memory. Needless to say, I could not run 4.1 on it. I installed FM Pro 11 and converted the files. Most of my complex scripts do not run, and in general the whole application runs sluggish.  I am seeing what I call "ghost" files. I.E. Parts 1. Parts 2, Parts 3, Parts 4 etc. One user told me jumping from 4.1 to 11 is a big messy problem, and there is some costly software ($1000) to clean up the mess. I am not  a programmer or developer, just an advanced user. I just got the idea, what if I buy FM 6, FM 7, FM 8, FM 9 and  convert my files through all the versions. Will this bring me to FM 11 without all the problems of jumping from 4.1 to 11? I can buy most of them on Ebay for about $100 each. As an alternative I would be glad to hire someone who can get me running FM 11 smoothly on my new computer. Thanks for your help. Tom