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    Upgrading from FM Pro 4.1 to FM Pro 11 Problems



      Upgrading from FM Pro 4.1 to FM Pro 11 Problems


           I have been using FM forever to run my auto parts business. I am running 4.1 on a five year old PC running Windows XP. I just had a new PC built with the latest Windows OS and all kinds of memory. Needless to say, I could not run 4.1 on it. I installed FM Pro 11 and converted the files. Most of my complex scripts do not run, and in general the whole application runs sluggish.  I am seeing what I call "ghost" files. I.E. Parts 1. Parts 2, Parts 3, Parts 4 etc. One user told me jumping from 4.1 to 11 is a big messy problem, and there is some costly software ($1000) to clean up the mess. I am not  a programmer or developer, just an advanced user. I just got the idea, what if I buy FM 6, FM 7, FM 8, FM 9 and  convert my files through all the versions. Will this bring me to FM 11 without all the problems of jumping from 4.1 to 11? I can buy most of them on Ebay for about $100 each. As an alternative I would be glad to hire someone who can get me running FM 11 smoothly on my new computer. Thanks for your help. Tom

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               The files should have converted quite easily, and buying all the indiviual versions should not be necessary.  I would guess that the various files you used were linked together, to help lookup and exchange data.  By the time FM11 came along we were able to build lots of 'files' (now referred to as 'tables') into the one file.

               I am guessing that the sluggish performance is because the files are wading through their links trying to find the correct file to link to, now that its colleague has effectively been 'moved'.

               The more complex scripts are probably also having the same problem.

               I think you should hire someone.   It is dangerous to say "it won't be hard to fix", but on the other hand it is equally unfair to say "it will be a big complicated mess'.  A decent developer should be able to look at the files and tell you what needs doing.

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                 Thanks, that is a fair summation. I do have about eight files that are linked and referenced in lots of scripts.  My only disappointment is that in the past I have never needed an "expert" to do anything in Filemaker. Now it looks like I need to hire someone, which in my opinion means the application has failed the average user by becoming too complicated. Having said that, where do I hire an "expert" in 18064 Nazareth, Pa. area? Thanks for your input.

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                   The databases are all in one folder? When converting did you convert one by one?

                   The databases should be all be selected and dropped on FMP at one time.
                   This may or may not make a difference.

                   Useful information on converting FileMaker Pro databases from previous versions can be found in the attached FileMaker Pro 8 Converting FileMaker Databases From Previous Versions pdf .


              3.Do one of the following to select and open the files you want to convert:
                   = Files method: In Windows Explorer or in a Finder window (Mac OS) select the files you want to convert, and then drag them onto the FileMaker Pro 7 application icon.
                   = Folder method: If a folder contains all of the files you want to convert, drag the folder onto the FileMaker Pro 7 application icon. If you are converting a multi-file relational database in which files are organized in subfolders, you need to convert each folder separately. First create new folders in the same structure for the converted files. Then convert files in subfolders at the lowest level first by dragging the subfolder onto the FileMaker Pro 7 application icon and indicating the correct new destination folder when prompted. When all related files in subfolders have been converted, use the “Files method” described above to convert files located in the original parent folder.

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                     I suggest opening Manage | External Data Sources in each of your converted files and taking a look. You can always try to clean up things here on a copy and if it doesn't work, you still have the originals to hand to a consultant.

                     Things to look for to fix:

                     References to files at locations that no longer exist or to IP addresses that are no longer valid. Delete them.

                     References that contain asterisks. Update them to no longer use asterisks.

                     These two issues can lead to extremely slow start up times.

                     Then look for duplicate references. These, as long as they have been fixed, should be harmless and explain why you see filenames with a 1, 2, etc after their name. It is possible to condense them down into a single reference, I've done it, but I used database design reports in FileMaker Advanced to track down each reference to a duplicate data source reference so that I could be sure to switch them over before deleting the duplicate.

                     There are other issues in converted files that can be tracked down and fixed one script or relationship at a time. You are welcome to post questions here as you encounter such issues. I'll point out just two that you can look out for:

                     1) You often need to insert a Select Window script step or position it differently to get the converted script to put the correct window to the front when you use Go To Related Records or Perform script to access a different file.

                     2) Indexing for text fields has changed since 4.1. If you have text fields used as match fields in relaitonships, look out for small discrepancies in the text, such as punctuation marks and spaces that were ignored when matching values in 4.1. In FileMaker 11, they are no longer ignore.