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Upgrading from OS9

Question asked by MikeM. on Dec 28, 2009
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Upgrading from OS9


Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been using FileMaker for a long time. I've just purchased a new iMac and am in the process of transferring files and loading all my apps. Until now I've been using OSX v10.4.11 on a Mac that allowed me to use both OS 9 and OSX. I use OSX applications for almost everything but have been using Filemaker Pro v3.0 on OS 9. I purchased an FMP v6 upgrade package several years ago but never used it. The new iMac has just arrived and it is pre-loaded with Bento. Can I move my FMP v3.0 data files over to Bento or will I have to load FMP v6 on the new iMac ? It appears that the upgrade for v6 will look for a previous FMP application before it will load. I'll likely have a problem as the new Mac does not have a FMP application loaded on it. In addition to transferring a data base over to the new Mac I have a label file with various labels formatted to print on Avery label sheets. I'd really like to be able to continue to use these label files rather than have to lay them out and set them up again. Can anyone advise what I can do, I will really appreciate your help ?