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Upgrading from v3.x to 11 - advice?

Question asked by 100 on Mar 30, 2010
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Upgrading from v3.x to 11 - advice?


Hi All,


I have searched the forum and dont see anything relevant so am posting a new topic.


I am jumping in the deep-end of FMPro and have been tasked with doing a few things to improve an existing system

that was built over the years. Its currently in verison 3,x and I first of all have to upgrade this to v11. My background is

in more mainstream development (C,Delphi,ASP,Access, MS SQL, Oracle) and I am used to strict relational models.


I understand from the creator of the database that they have used "repeating fields" extensivly, and this is blocking them

from doing a lot of things including what I would take to be bog standard with Relational SQL etc.


I have looked at a number of online videos / read through documents etc and it seems that a good goal would be to

look at converting the structure of the database up towards a more relational model.


So! .... has anyone done anything similar before and are there any wise sages who can point me in the right direction / fast-track learning resources!


many thanks,