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Upgrading runtime solution help.

Question asked by JCPython on May 15, 2012
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Upgrading runtime solution help.


I have my runtime that i packaged and sent to a few testers, once bugs were found and a few changes were made to my master copy i want to issue out the new updated runtime, BUT i need the testers to be able to import their data that they already enetered in on the first copy of the runtime.


right now i have a simple import script that is setup to import each table from the old file to the new file...but im having trouble making it easy for the end user to be able to do this with little to none computer expirience, i want it to be as automatic as possible.


so lets say i package up the new runtime and mail it out tonight, the user then unzips the file, and because i cant find a working filemaker installer, the user must ake the runtime directory file and manually move it to their c:\ drive.


after that is done i need my import script to work from the new runtime, but a part of the script thats missing is to automatically locate the old .USR file in the old directory


i use the same bindkey when making the different updates to the runtime, is that ok to do? cant i just copy the new .usr file to overwrite the old one?isnt the usr file were the records are store? or is it the layout as well.


sorry for all the questions but ive been getting really lost the past week with this and im trying to understand the purpose of the bindke and .usr files (or in my case .HPR files)


im just trying to find the simplest way to update my runtime to the end users, i will often be making changes to the layouts as well as the tables. so the seperation model isnt really for me.



Thanks for any input.