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Upgrading the current user runtime files from FM11 To FM12

Question asked by JCPython on Jun 11, 2012
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Upgrading the current user runtime files from FM11 To FM12


Strange enough i managed to figure out how to run a script that converts the .USR files of my FM11 runtime, so now the files are converted and im trying to import the records from the newly converted .USR file. however i now get the error message that states


File.USR is not authorized to open the protected file, do you want ti authorize it?

and when i click yes i try entering the full access account name and password, then it hits me... when i created the runtime i always remove admin access from files, this must be why i cant authorize it using the correct login details.


My question is, how can i get my current users switched over from using the runtime made in 11 to the new runtime update im creating in FM 12. My main goal is to avoid them from having to rekey all their records.

maybe i need to create another update runtime in the fm 11 to change some security settings so they can then import records in the fm 12 runtime without getting the authorization error?


its late i hope i explained this well.

Thanks in advance!