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    Upload bulk images



      Upload bulk images



      How can I give the end-user (on browse mode) the opportunity to upload images on batch (select all images in a folder) and create a record on a table for each of these images.




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          Have you tried using the Import Records with the folder option?

          This version of Import Records can import all image files from a specified folder. I haven't tried it with the folder option, but it looks like you can use a variable to specify the path to the specific folder from which you will be importing the files. I've been able to to use insert file to insert the source file for a standard import into a container field with the "by reference" option specified and then the script extracts the file path from this field and puts it in the variable used as the file reference for a subsequent import records step. THis way, the user get's an open file dialog, selects a file and clicks OK, the script then attempts to import records from the selected file. Seems like this method would also work with the folder option, but haven't tried it...