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Upload FM 8.5 records (files) using Mac OS 10.4.11

Question asked by DonKlein on Apr 13, 2012


Upload FM 8.5 records (files) using Mac OS 10.4.11


I would like to upload 2,000 to 5,000 FM records (text and images: 30 fields of text, 6 image fields, but not all have images within) to a web site I will develop for interested viewers. It is NOT an interactive site but only a place to visit for those interested in viewing books by a certain author. The DB is currently being edited for the project but we have no idea how to get it on line or whether the objective is even possible to accomplish with the number of records and the limits on hosting capacity with a modest budget. If it is possible what is the best way to do it. Open to all suggestions. Don