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    Upload PDF only



      Upload PDF only


      I am making a database which will contain files in a field (FILE : container), but I want to only restrict the user to upload PDF file only. 


      So how am I going to achieve this.

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          I don't think you can keep them from inserting a file with a different extension, but once it is inserted, you can catch and reject those entries where the file extension is different.

          Right ( ContainerField ; 4 ) = ".PDF"

          Is a test you can use to confirm whether the file just inserted was of type PDF or not.

          There's quite a bit of text accessible in container fields. You can see all the text (there can be multiple lines of text with store a reference files), if you use GetasText ( containerfield ) in the data viewer (Filemaker Advanced) or you can just put the container field's name in a calculation field's calculation with text specified as the return type.