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Uploaded File To Sever But It Won't Open

Question asked by RonCates on Mar 22, 2012
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Uploaded File To Sever But It Won't Open


I've been working on a new database using the data seperation model so I actually have two files doing the same thing. When I upload them to the server they upload fine but just won't open. When I tell the server to open them automatically it says File uploaded but could not be openned. When use Perform Action to open them, nothing happens. The status just remains closed.

I have FileMaker Network sharing turned on for all users

I have a database currently hosted, running and in use for a couple years now, so the server is fine.

Actually, the only file i've hosted prior to these two is the one that's been up for a couple years. Frankly, aside from having network sharing on I can't think of what else i would need to do to host it. Or what I did to set up the other one.

What should I look for?