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uploading picture for web publishing

Question asked by DickKoster on Sep 13, 2010
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uploading picture for web publishing



I have a question about uploading pictures as a batch for web publishing. I have linked pictures to the database. all pictures have a unique name consisting of a country code and id number, which however is independent of the relating record. however, these pictures can not be viewed. I put ever everything in the webfolder (not any longer in subfolders), and tried to link them again. I have to do that apparently one by one and for 5000 files, it is a bit much. so I was told to import the web-folder. however, I am not able to link the picture to the correct record. I see four source fields (image, file name, file path,  and image thumbnail), but I have no idea what target fields apart from "picture" should be schoosen en which should be leading in the import ptocedure. can anyone help me?