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zip code sorts

Question asked by jayGamel on Mar 14, 2014
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zip code sorts


     I need to sort and print labels by the following:

     1. bundles of 10 or more matching 5-digit zips (print "5" on each label)

     2 bundles of 10 or more matching 3-digit zips (print 3 on each label)

     3. bundles of non-matching zips (print "MXD ADC" on each label)

     I have a field zips with 5-digit info

     I have a field zip3 with the first three digits of the zip field

     I'm stumped on sorting these out so they print correctly. I may only have 9 in a 5-digit zip but they may need to be 3 or "MXD-" depending on the existence of additional shared 3 digit zips.


     I don't know how to return a set of records depending on a count.


     Jay Gamel


     Any help appreciated.