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Zip Code Validation?

Question asked by disabled_morkus on May 9, 2012
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Zip Code Validation?


For this question, assume I've downloaded and created a CityZip table (in the FMP database) using the free CSV data found at: ""

Here's how I am thinking zip code validation would work for a couple of use-cases. Look forward to hearing back if FMP would do these types of validations easily.


Use Case 1: Zip code validation when entering zip code:

When the user tabs off the zip code field after entering it (or maybe FMP can detect when he's entered 5 digits in the zip code field),  I would want to lookup the entered city in the CityZip table on that layout and verify that the zip code entered matches it.

If the zip code doesn't match the city the user entered, I'd like to give the user a pop-up showing zip codes for the city entered (assuming there's more than one zip code for that city in the CityZip table).

The user could pick the correct zip from the popup and FMP would replace the incorrect zip code in the layout with the one from the pop-up list.

The popup would be populated, I assume, by creating a script that would take the user's entered city from the layout and do a lookup on the CityZip table. The script would build a list of all zips, in a list, for the entered city. FMP would also display the "found city" for the zip code entered (perhaps the city was the incorrectly-entered data) using the same type of lookup.

Alliteratively, if FMP can't give a dynamic pop-up list with correct possible zip codes for the entered city, then at least a dialog box listing possible zip codes for that city.


Use Case2: Validating a FMP table with cities and zip codes already entered (after the fact data validation):

Here, I'm assuming I would need to write a script so FMP would scan through the entire table of customer addresses. For each address, it would verify, again using the CityZip table, that the entered city matches the entered zip code. If a particular customer address record has a problem, FMP would add this problem to some type of output report.

Are these use-cases both doable in FMP?

Look forward to any input.


-- m