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      When I open my program in FMP 9, I am at the smallest viewing level (100).  


      How can I set it so that when I open the program is automatically goes to view level 150?


      Thank you in advance,



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          You have a script step called set zoom level. You can put that step in a script, specify 150% and use file options to select this script to be run when the file is opened.


          On Windows machines, you might want to experiment with the "enlarge contents..." option in preferences.

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            Thank you for your suggestion.  


            Unfortunately, this simple script is beyond my present capabilities.  I was able to write a script and tie it to a "button".  It performs the same function as hitting the zoom button in the lower left corner, but it looks nicer.



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              Create a new script under the mange scripts menu which uses the Set Zoom Level script step. Then under File --> File Options you can choose to run a script when the file opens. Choose the script that you just created.

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                Thank you very much!  


                Obviously, I have not had enough coffee this morning.  


                The term "File Option" did not click until I read this second post.  I have made the adjustment and I am a happy camper.  I now have a larger view when I open my file.


                Thank you!