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    Zoom on image in container field



      Zoom on image in container field


      How do I write a script and/or create a button to enlarge or zoom on an image in a container field? I want a thumbnail on the record, but if the user clicks on it, I want it to expand for viewing detail. Please help.

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          The way to do this would be to script the process and set up the thumbnail container field as a button (that runs the script). That script could either switch to another layout or open a new window on another layout. On that target layout, you would have a large version of the container field with the display options set to "Reduce or Enlarge image" to fit frame. The script may pause and then close th window or simply return to the original layout.


          See how you go with that. 

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            Thanks David. This works great. Can I refine it even more? Here's what I want to do. I have a database of record albums. Each album is one record. I want a thumbnail of the record jacket (front/back/inside) as well as the label for each side. I created a portal with thumbnails for each image. Now I want users to be able to click on each individual image and see a larger view of that particular image. Is this possible?


            Kathy from Raíces

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              Hi Kathy

              Yes that can work. Since you have the images in related records and displayed in a portal, you can have a button on each portal row that runs a script to switch layouts and perhaps open a new window. You would use a Go to Related Records script step to go to the specific image record. You could also allow scrolling between images found rather than having to go back and click another portal row.


              Let me know if you need any more details to make it work. 

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                Yes, David, I would love more details. I keep setting the entire portal as a button. Also I am not sure how to organize my images in the alternate layout. if I try to add all the images, I keep getting multiple copies of my record in the original layout.

                Thanks in advance.