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Zooming a specific image within a database.

Question asked by RyanBritton on Jan 25, 2014
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Zooming a specific image within a database.


     Hello Everyone.  

     I'm upgrading to FMP from Bento.  The one feature of Bento that I missing a lot is the ability to zoom in on a single image within its "display box" without having to zoom in on the whole database or changing the size of the display box itself.

     Also, Bento provides this zoom feature on all database images regardless if they are .pdf .jpg .CR2 etc.   I've found that FMP13 will zoom in on .pdf within it box.   How can I extend this feature to all image file types? (i.e. make all image file types "interactive?")  Even if I could just make .jpg's do this, I would be happy.    

     Thank you for any insight in advance.