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[ANN] Filemaker Succees Tips and DEVCON

Question asked by AndyCohen on Aug 7, 2009


[ANN] Filemaker Succees Tips and DEVCON


Lee and Andy will be at DEVCON and we will have a booth at the 
exhibit hall... actually its a shared podcasters booth. Hopefully a Matt or two or Dan will also use it...
Watch for our show logo and look for when we'll be 
there... We look forward to meeting as many listeners as possible and 
maybe getting a few new listeners.  We'll be handing out show indexes 
so you can look up topics per show number and we'll be recording small 
segments about the tips we're all getting during the conference.
So... hey! Stop by!  Tell me your favorite tips of the day... into my 
recorder... and YOU can be on the show.
By the way... the listener base is quite large now! Woo-Hoo!
Andy Cohen