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    [ANN] FM Success Tips PodCast



      [ANN] FM Success Tips PodCast



      I have set up a web site with podcasts of tips, tricks and discussions for developing IT solutions in FileMaker Pro.  It's weekly and free.  It is also available on iTunes if you search for "FM Success Tips".  Please visit http://fmsuccesstips.libsyn.com, or you can subscribe directly at http://fmsuccesstips.libsyn.com/rss


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          Thanks for the information. 


          I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages).



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            I listened to the top-listed podcast, about making changes on a 'live' system with 'maybe 60 users on-line', and the kind of things I should look out for and avoid.  The dual back-up advice (complete backup at the Server, plus exporting the data from the suspect records) was fine, but I think it would rather lull folks into a false sense of security.  For example, one of the most common problems with the 'Replace' command (which is the one used to change 700 records  in this scenario) is that of 'Record Locking'.  I'm pretty certain that in older FM versions at least, the 'Replace' command will simply skip over a record that is currently locked by a user (because they are editing it, for example).  The result of the 'Replace' task therefore seems to go okay, but actually there may have been a record or two in the middle of the set that was not replaced.


            If this is no longer a danger to check for it would be great, as I've had to write (based on old-sage advice) 'Replace' scripts that stop at each record and check that it is unlocked before trying to edit it.  Can you confirm, please TSGal or Guy?


            And the next 'gotcha' would be whenever something did go wrong, and you want to import the back-up data from your desktop.  You'd better make sure that you hadn't lost the first 'Found set' whenever you did your checking, because it's perfectly possible that, having done the change of data, you can't do a 're-find' to establish what they were, to either import the new data into, or to delete and replace them.  I'm not confident that I could check 700 records without being sorely tempted to do another 'find' - usually the same 'find' that found the rogue records in the first place,with the hope that it now returns 'No records'.  But if it only returns a few hundred, and I realise I've made a mistake...


            I recognise that the whole Filemaker Manual can't be condensed into a 5-minute podcast and little bite-sized chunks are often a great way to learn, but I would worry that a false sense of security would result from this one, for example.


            Open to counter-argument, as always.



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              Thanks for the comments.  I for one would NOT work on an area of a system with users operating at the same time. (thats why I overdid it with the thunder) Lee has situations where he says he has no choice.  I considered the possibility of moding privileges to keep users away from tables and forms I need to work on.  We record segments again Thursday and will revisit this for a future show.

              Thanks again!