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[ANN] SystemYes Releases “Chrysalis LITE” Version 1

Question asked by Marx on Apr 9, 2010


[ANN] SystemYes Releases “Chrysalis LITE” Version 1


Analyze and Integrate with the Database Design Report




Hideaway, Texas – April 9, 2010.  SystemYes today announced the immediate availability of Chrysalis Lite version 1.0 for FileMaker developers and enthusiasts. This product creates a fully open database from the xml database design report (DDR) created by FileMaker Pro Advanced.


About Chrysalis


Chrysalis is a concept of a suite of tools for FileMaker development and integration. “Chrysalis LITE” is the first product to be released and to mark this beginning, it will be “supported by donation” – yes that’s right – IT’s FREE!


What’s In Version 1


Version 1 will process DDR’s created by FileMaker versions 7 through 11. Schema features for versions 7 through 10 are included with this release. FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 may open/host the data file (look for 11 specific feature additions to the database structure within a few weeks).


There are two files “Chrysalis_lite.fp7” (the DDR processor) and “Chrysalis_lite_data.fp7” (the data file). The data file is open full access and IWP enabled to provide maximum versatility for access and ease of use. Introduction video may be found on the Chrysalis website.


System Requirements


The DDR importer file must be run by FileMaker Pro 10 (Advanced optional). The data file, once created, can be opened (or hosted) by any FileMaker client/server version 9 through 11. No plug-in is required. All code is native FileMaker.


Pricing and availability


YES-It’s FREE! – donations are appreciated (see website) The Chrysalis website and downloads at


About SystemYes


SystemYes has been developing state of the art business applications, for both small businesses and major corporations since 1979.




Marx Martin