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[FM Pro 10/Server 10] Convert FileMaker layout to PHP programmatically?

Question asked by Sapphon on Mar 5, 2010
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[FM Pro 10/Server 10] Convert FileMaker layout to PHP programmatically?


Hi all,


I Have: Mac OS X v10.5.8, FM Pro 10, FM Server 10 (not Advanced), and a FileMaker database with a significant built-in front end component (this is called a "layout" in Filemaker world, yes?) including many buttons that trigger scripts.


I Know: How to configure Apache and code PHP, how to create, maintain, and query MSSQL/MySQL databases


I Do Not Know: Anything about Filemaker


I Want: To publish this database on the Web, in a fashion usable by people who do not own FM Pro. 


A PHP-based front end seems like a clear choice.  However, all my programmatic attempts to create one so far (for example, using the PHP Site Assistant) have resulted in the data from my FileMaker database being successfully published, but the layout being obliterated.  I suspect it would be possible to re-create the front end using handwritten PHP and the Filemaker-PHP API, but there are two obstacles to that.


First, I'm involved in this project out of love for a less computer-literate friend; it's not my job, and I only have my spare time to devote.  I worry I could not complete the work in time starting from scratch.


Second, I am not the creator of the original database, and am totally ignorant of Filemaker-specific things in general.  It would take me a lot of work just to understand what the original front-end was doing, much less actually port it to PHP.


So, my question:  Is there some way to publish a FM Pro database and preserve the existing layout by automatically converting it to a PHP script?  Obviously dynamic programming is never perfect, but tweaking the product of such a process sounds like a manageable endeavor, whereas doing it from scratch myself under the time constraints is daunting.


Thank you in advance for any help.  I'll do my best to provide any information asked for.