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[FM8.5] Delete text between square brackets [] ?

Question asked by JoeTaureau on Dec 9, 2009
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[FM8.5] Delete text between square brackets [] ?


Hi guys,


I'm trying since yesterday to find a way to delete all the text that's between square brackets [*] in a field.


Obviously, i can't just use the Find/Replace box (CTRL+SHIFT+F) because AFAIK, you can't directly use wildcards in it, so i tried building a script.


So far, i've found the way to find all the records with [something] in them with Set Field + Perform Find, but the replace part, i just can't find a way to do it.


So basically, for exemple, i have fields that looks like this : 


- This is a test [something to delete]

- Another test [something else to delete]

- And a third test [delete me]


And i want it to look like this : 


- This is a test

- Another test

- And a third test



Need a little help here ? 9000 internets to whoever's helping me with this.


And as mentionned in the title, this is for FM ver.8.5 (non Advanced) and i'm a newbie to all this (just been assigned to mess up with FM at work).


Thanks !