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    [FMP 13] Zoom is disabled



      [FMP 13] Zoom is disabled


           Hi, I had/have zoom on my layouts in fmpa12, but in fmpa13 it's disabled and the +- boxes are gray as well.

           It would be really nice to have it back on in 13.


           Thanks, D

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               Zoom works for me on my windows 7 systems in FileMaker 13.

               Is there any chance that a script has set and locked the zoom level?

               Such as:

               Set Zoom Level [Lock ; 100% ]

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                 Hi Phil,

                 It was a script with Set Zoom Level lock and 100% and it looks to be auto generated when I created an ipad layout it was in Touch Device Layouts named the same as the ipad layout and only showing Set Zoom Level [Lock ; 100% ]. 

            Deleted the script and zoom is back.

                 Thanks again,