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[FMP 6.0] Multivalued field values in calculations?

Question asked by Elec on Jul 13, 2009
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[FMP 6.0] Multivalued field values in calculations?


Hi! First time poster here...


I'm using FileMaker Pro 6.0 here (and sadly, upgrading is absolutely not an option to me) and I have encountered a problem when using multivalued fields. I've found ways to circumvent it for now, but I'd really appreciate if anyone was savvy on old FMPs and able to inform me.


Basically, I can't figure out how to refer to a specific value in a multivalued field in calculations. For example, if I wanted to know what's the 7th value in the multivalued field, I have no idea how. That's... kind of a pain, to say the least.


Help please?