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[Full Access] account not 'Full' when hosted on server

Question asked by BradDS on Feb 17, 2010
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[Full Access] account not 'Full' when hosted on server


This is my first post on these forums.


I've actually been searching these forums for a little while now and always found solutions but I cannot seem to get this one licked.


I created a very small Db (everything is FM10), as I would any other, but this is the first to have External Server autentication access.  That is NOT the problem.


What is going on is the following:  I have one [Full Access] account that is stored directly in my database and the one External Server account.  Logging in with the [Full Access] account and any user from the External Server works.  However no one can create a New Record, nor can the [Full Access] account go to 'File Options'.


If I close it from my server and open it in FM directly, of course the External Server accounts cannot access the Db but the [Full Access] account when logged in CAN create new records (and get to 'File Options').


Is this an issue with the External Server Account?  I don't think it is as I have complete access when opened directly, but it's the only new variable here.  (also, I posted it here as I believe it's not an issue on the server end since I can login as an External Server user when it is opened throught the server).


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.