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[Full Access] being granted to all users - why?

Question asked by ValBerechet on Aug 9, 2015
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[Full Access] being granted to all users - why?


Is this a bug or something is not setup right on my end?

I setup a privilege set "Sales Reps", which is the set for 9 different sales reps. For the fmapp (FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro), if I just have "Sales Reps" active, it works fine, the sales reps can log in and they only see their own deals, everything works as normal.

However if I also give access to Admin (which shows up as [Full Access] privilege set), now the Sales Reps see everything, every record, every layout etc.

Stranger still is that as can be seen, Admin ([Full Access]) is also setup for fmwebdirect but when Sales Reps access the database via Web Direct, it works as intended. So it's only an issue when the sales reps are accessing the database via an app.

Any ideas? Very frustrating as now I can't log in via FileMaker Pro as the Admin, I have to login as a separate user I created, that has Extended Privileges access, add the Admin for the fmapp setting, log out of user, log in to Admin, then change whatever setting I need.