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[Off] Distributing updates to runtimes on mac osx.

Question asked by S W on Apr 21, 2010


[Off] Distributing updates to runtimes on mac osx.


I feel a bit stupid asking this question, but such is life....


Im fairly new to deploying on the mac and although I have a fully functional installation process which works great, one thing I cannot figure out is how to distribute updates without including the full runtime components.


Im using package maker to perform an install intially which includes all the required files and components

however, with an update it does not make sense to have to include all of these again (unless of course I need to)


Using package maker, I created an install containing only the modified database files, however this subsequently removes everything else in the runtime application folder since it is not being included in the package.


On windows, this is not an issue, the installer just replaces files as required. Allowing me to distribute 10mb updates instead of 100+ mb.


So the questions are...


1. Does anybody know a way to stop package maker removing files not included in the distribution.


2. If not... how do you make a self extracting archive on a mac (lol.. thats why I feel stupid) preferably so no extra software is required.


3. Failing the above, does anybody know of a mac based installer which is a 'one off' purchase and not licensed based off the number of files distributed / yearly licensing.