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[solved] Calculated value as Dropdown "visible" value bug (?)

Question asked by BenjaminA on May 15, 2013
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[solved] Calculated value as Dropdown "visible" value bug (?)


     Hello guys,

     I'm having a weird issue, so no clue if it's a bug but it doesn't seem to work the way I expect it...

     Here is the issue :

     One table with 3 fields:


URL (written like

c_URL_without_http (calculated field using : Right ( url ; Length ( url ) - 7 ))

     Then I'm trying to make a dropdown with "ID" as the data value but with "c_URL_without_http" as the visible value ( and surprise I only get one value in the dropdown, the second one being a "?".

     The calculated values are 100% ok in the DB (

     So why this "?" in the dropdown :

     Any idea on this one ?