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[solved] Force field to lose focus ? (PowerBuilder equivalent of AcceptText ?)

Question asked by BenjaminA on May 15, 2013
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[solved] Force field to lose focus ? (PowerBuilder equivalent of AcceptText ?)



     I have a portal and after entering some data in a new portal row user can click on a button to enter "child" data which depends on this portal row data... so the portal row must be "commited" before the button is clicked (the script of the button takes the current portal row ID as parameter... so this parameter must be there before the script executes).

     So far I've tried Commit changes and Go to Field but none of them work (i.e. data isn't saved after the button is clicked). Go to next field also did not work but it's maybe because there is no "next field" in this case as it's the last field.

     If some of you know Sybase PowerBuilder I'm looking for the equivalent of AcceptText.