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[SOLVED]About One to many relationship through dropdown

Question asked by WataruYamazaki on Feb 24, 2013
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[SOLVED]About One to many relationship through dropdown


     Hello Forum

     I am a total noob with DB software and currently working on a project for my highschool coursework. The goal is to make a small library database for my Japanese teacher, but I encountered a problem. I'm using FMP11 Adv on Win7.

     That is, when I tried to input a book, sometimes they have the same publisher (and author) between two books. I have join table between Bookinfo(books) and tblPublisher(publisher) with BookID(key) and PublisherID from each tables. Then on a form, I have a dropdown that will show the valuelist of all the publisher. (See the capture for the detail) 

     For the first book, it will work just fine, but when I enter another book with the same publisher, I can select the publisher from the valuelist, but it will end up entering the corresponding PublisherID number to the Publisher field. I fiddled around with it, but only thing that allowed me is to input either the corresponding PublisherID or make a duplicate record in tblPublisher with the same publisher name. I know I'm screwing up somewhere, but I have no idea where. Also, is my approach correct for what I want to do?


     Thanks in advance.