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~1300 portals, ~1300 summary fields, 1 layout, can it be done?

Question asked by DavisSmith on Jul 30, 2015
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~1300 portals, ~1300 summary fields, 1 layout, can it be done?


I'm creating layout with ~1300 portals. The portals are filtered to the location that I want to be displayed and then i have calculation field that goes - count(item::itemname) and then my summary field which summarizes the calculation field. I just put the summary field on a 1 row portal. I don't know if thats the proper way to do it but it seemed to work fine as I was testing it with a single portal. I started the tedious process of adding that many portals and inevitably had to leave the layout to go work on something else. When I tried to return to the layout my fm crashed as it was summarizing the field. My theory is that my summary field somehow got outside of my portal and was instead summarizing all records and thats what caused it to crash because it should only have to summarize <40 records per portal, with most of them only containing 1 record. But if what I said above is true and I just accidentally put my summary field outside of the portal, do you think fm can handle that many portals? There will be a portal for each location so in the end it will have to summarize all the records, just across multiple portals. I'm worried because it crashed just summarizing all the records in one field (or I could have accidentally put multiple summary fields outside their portals, impossible to tell).

I'm open to suggestions on an alternative way to go about this, and can explain exactly why I'm trying to put 1300 portals in 1 layout if anyone needs that info.