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"" auto-enter lookup relationships are not reported in DDR

Question asked by larrygoldman on Jan 11, 2010
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"" auto-enter lookup relationships are not reported in DDR

Description of the issue

Versions:Filemaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3; Mac OS X 10.6.2 Description:If, during development, a relationship used in Auto-Enter lookup is deleted, the "" relationship is _not_ reported anywhere in the Database Design Report (DDR). Thus, it is nearly impossible to discover these errors. To see for yourself: 1) Create a database with two tables, related by a common field.2) Add a field to one table with an auto-enter lookup based on the relationship.3) Now, go back to "Manage Database" -> "Relationships" and delete the link between the two tables.4) Go to "Fields" and examine the auto-enter lookup settings for the field created in step 2: "Lookup from related table:" is now "". Expected Result:DDR should report "" in the "Fields" section, to match the actual lookup condition. Actual Result: The "Fields" section shows the original (now-missing) relationship. "" doesn't appear. In fact, there is no obvious indication in the DDR that the lookup will fail. Work-arounds:In the DDR, "Table Occurrences" section, manually scan for fields appearing in "In Field Definitions", where the "In Relationships" column is blank. For each field, see if it is an auto-enter lookup based on this relationship. If so, correct the "" relationship in the actual file.