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";" replaced  by "," in function editor

Question asked by MartinBurkhardt on Jan 7, 2012
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";" replaced  by "," in function editor


FileMaker Pro


11.v4 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac OS X 7.2

Description of the issue

After installation of Lion 7.2 I see the following issue:
Trying to reedit a function the program is automatically replacing ";" the normal separator with ","

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Start editing a field with a formula
2. Using a  Formula like If, Case etc having more than  two arguments
3. Programm is doing the descriptor char. replacement

Trying a fresh new database -> same result
Trying a clean installation of 11.0 - 11 v4 -> same result

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error message


Using FM 9 to edit the database or FM 11 Pro on an other machine