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    "Constrain Found Set" calls on Custom "Perform Find" Menu Item Script



      "Constrain Found Set" calls on Custom "Perform Find" Menu Item Script


      FileMaker Pro


      Filemaker Pro 13.0v3 Advanced

      Operating system version

      Mac OSX Mavericks

      Description of the issue

      I created a Custom Menu Item for a layout where the "Perform Find" command executes a Script instead of a normal "Perform Find".

      When I press Enter in Find Mode, or use the "Perform Find" button in the Filemaker Toolbar, it executes the script. 

      I thought that would be the only time the script is executed, however, selecting "Constrain Found Set" also seems to activate this script.

      I've attached a screenshot showing the Script Debugger: Menu Item "Perform Find" even though I selected "Constrain Found Set" (which has no custom scripts associated with it).

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      -Create a Custom Menu where the Perform Find menu item executes a custom script.

      -Open the Script Debugger

      -Enter Find Mode and enter criteria for a Find.

      -Select "Constrain Found Set" from the Requests Menu.

      Note the Menu Item in the script Debugger: "Perform Find"

      Expected result

      I expected Constrain Found Set to constrain the found set without calling on the custom script that is only assigned to the "Perform Find" Menu Item.

      Actual result

      Selecting "Constrain Found Set" seems to call on the Custom Perform Find script.