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"Enlarge window contents" causes white space on right of web viewer

Question asked by jreinsch on Aug 30, 2012


"Enlarge window contents" causes white space on right of web viewer


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

XP Pro Service Pack 3

Description of the issue

With "Enlarge window contents to improve readability" turned on, web viewers displaying Google Maps have a blank rectangular area on the right side. The same effect is produced by using the expand/contract buttons on the lower left of the screen.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Set "enlarge window contents" OFF.
2. Place a web viewer on a layout, sized 600x300 px.
3. In Web Viewer Setup, fill in the fields on the right with an address, e.g. Address="1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW", City="Washington", State="DC", Zip="20500", Country="USA". Hit OK.
4. Select browse mode and observe the web viewer.
5. Turn "enlarge window contents" ON.

Expected result

After step 4, the Google Maps display fills the web viewer. After step 5, I expect it to appear the same, only larger.

Actual result

As shown in the screenshot, about a fourth of the web viewer space is blank on the right.