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    "FileMaker Pro.exe has encountered a problem..."



      "FileMaker Pro.exe has encountered a problem..."

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      Hi there, I'm running FMPro v. 8.5 on Windows XP v. 2002, service pack 3 and have recently been getting the generic error message "FileMaker Pro.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I'm trying to import the sorted records (approx 35,000) into a cloned copy of an existing database so that the default order will be the sorted one. I've done this successfully dozens of times before. I was working on a network and though this might be the problem, so I transferred everything to my C:\ drive. No luck. i restarted my computer in case temp files were jamming and tried again, working locally. Nope. I installed the FMP v. 8.5 update, restarted my computer and tried again. Nada. I uninstalled FMP v. 8.5, registered the product, restarted my computer, installed the update and tried again working off of C:\. No such luck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this problem? Many thanks in advance!

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          Try recovering your cloned (empty) file and see if you can import the data into it. Perhaps your file is damaged in some way.


          If you can import successfully into your recovered copy, best practice is to locate an undamaged back up copy and use it.

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            Thank you for your reply. Recovering the clone and importing into it worked! My only concern now is whether it will be safe to use this new version. Any thoughts on that?


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              Steve Wright

              It would be safer to revert to a working backup now if you can rather than using the recovered file.


              There may be more things wrong which you are unaware of, these could potentially cause problems in the future, even if they are not obvious now.   If this was the case you would have a more time consuming job of having to revert to a much earlier backup, especially if you had made a lot of changes to the file since..

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                If you can't find a undamaged back up copy to use, you are faced with balancing the risk of using the recovered file vs. the time/cost of rebuilding your file.


                You can use your recovered file and watch it carefully for any issues--risking future problems if something was not correctly repaired by the recover operation.


                You can also start with a new file and import all your tables, scripts, layouts into this new file. This is tedious, and there is a chance that you will import the problem from the original file into your new file. (I'd import the tables from the recovered copy and the rest of the system from the unrecovered file with frequent saved copies along the way.)

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                  Thank you both for your insights. I think that moving to an earlier, uncorrupted file is still an option (I keep a fairly detailed log of all of my changes).


                  I just wish I knew what caused the problem in the first place. We have many other, larger databases in use, and the thought of having to rebuild one of THOSE.... well, it would not be pretty.