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"Open Remote" Window gets behind "Open" and inaccessible

Question asked by JohnDuncan on Sep 21, 2009
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"Open Remote" Window gets behind "Open" and inaccessible

Description of the issue

I've seen this problem before but was never able to nail it down until today.  The problem occurs when the "Open New or Existing File" dialog is displayed right after opening FileMaker Pro and you then click on the "Remote..." button.  At that point the "Open Remote File" dialog comes up in the foreground. If however while this window is in the foreground another modal foreground window pops to the front from another application (like the opening dialog from DreamWeaver CS3), when you switch back to FileMaker, the "Open New or Existing File" dialog is now in front of the "Open Remote File" dialog.  If you click on the "Remote..." button you can even get a second "Open Remote File" dialog box up but it is not fully functional.  The "Cancel button on the "Open New or Existing" can be clicked but it doesn't do anything.  Clicking on the "Open Remote File" dialog box that is in the background does not bring it to the front. The only solution that I could find was to force-quit FileMaker Pro Advanced.  I am only able to reproduce the problem with the initial "Open New or Existing File" dialog that comes up when FileMaker Pro opens, not with the "Open File" dialog that you get when you select "Open" after FileMaker is already running.  The problem with the "Open Remote" dialog dropping behind the other dialog does occur when the "Open File" dialog is up but clicking on the title bar of the "Open Remote" will bring it to the front. This problem occurred on FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3 on MacOS-X 10.5.7 on a MacBook Pro with 4GB of memory.