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"other" user defined additions to value lists not working

Question asked by KathrynWhitaker on Jul 11, 2011
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"other" user defined additions to value lists not working


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker Pro Advanced 11.0.2

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6.6

Description of the issue

the "Other" or user edit option is not working with checkbox and radio button fields. I created a database in Filemaker Pro and the imported it into Filemaker Pro Advanced. The ones that had already been made forced me to hit "revert" every time after I said that I was going to allow the edit (via the dialogue box).

When I created a checkbox field using filemaker pro advanced and set it up to allow users to add custom entries, that did not work either.

Now when I try to do it, it pops up a picture of the field that appears below and offset to the original field and is in reverse and upside down.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create field
create value list (I did this as I set up the field in one step)
Insert field onto page
Using inspector, select "control style checkbox"
and from the selected value list (showed automatically) and then
"allow entries of other values" is checked
go to browse mode
Click "other"
put text in "other" box
Click to allow value

Expected result

Accepting the user data should then allow me to move on and do other things, including moving to another page and the value should remain in the box if I click to view "other"

Actual result

At first it was just that it refused to allow me to add a value at all. Offered for me to accept the value but then kept coming back up asking me again. Would not stop until I hit "revert field"
I get the upside down and backwards image of the field and the information I typed into the field is lost. (I uploaded a picture to the forum but now I can't find my post).

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

this problem is in the runtime version and in the original version now. Works on the iPad with Filemaker Go, however. ?????