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"Save changes to Layout?" Dialog box pops up despite preferences set checked not to

Question asked by DanielClark on Feb 24, 2011


"Save changes to Layout?" Dialog box pops up despite preferences set checked not to


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OSX 10.6.6

Description of the issue

I am running FM Client on a server. I have two other users accessing my main database from that server via the FM Network. The problem is every time I change views on a given layout when multiple users are connected to the database, the dialog "Save changes to Layout?" pops up every time and it's super annoying. I saw there was a preference in FM->Preferences->Layout that is a checkbox saying "Save changes to Layout automatically (do not ask)" which I checked on the server, and all client machines. However, it still pops up on everyones machine (but somehow it doesn't for one particular user, no idea why).

I posted this in the forum section, and a user said they have no trouble with this functionality in Win XP. The best I can figure, judging from the apparent randomness of the success of this preference in Mac, and its complete success in windows, I have to say this sounds like a compatibility issue with OS X.

Steps to reproduce the problem

- I have tired deleting the preferences file and starting fresh - no luck
- Trying new test database file - no luck
- Tried copying the preference file from the one user who this does work for to the preferences of other client's machines - no luck

Expected result

For the Save layout changes dialog box to stop popping up

Actual result

The dialog box kept popping up