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    "Send Mail" and Outlook 2011 MAC



      "Send Mail" and Outlook 2011 MAC


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      The "Send Mail" command doesn't work with the new Office 2011 Outlook for MAC.
      Works with Entourage, but that product has been dropped by Microsoft in the new Office 2011 for MAC.

      When a send mail command is given, Outlook launches, but no mail message is transferred/generated.

      Expected result

      Fix it?


      None I have found

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          From FileMaker Help:
          To send email, you must have an internet connection. In addition, to send mail through an email application, you must have the following configurations.
          A [Mail] section in the Win.ini file.
          Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Eudora installed and configured properly.
          Mac OS:
          Mac OS X Mail or Microsoft Entourage installed to send email with FileMaker Pro.
          Internet system preferences configured for use with one of the supported mail applications.
          If you use Eudora 5, start the Eudora application before performing this script step.

          Note that Outlook is not listed for Mac systems as a compatible email client.

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            Gary Bargholz:

            Thank you for your post.

            Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue and is being investigated.  No other information is available at this time.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              We have just upgraded all macs to the new office package and have just discovered this issue!

              I hope filemaker can address this issue soon, as I am sure many other mac users will be uograding to the new office package. The outlook is far better than mac mail and entourage.

              We have discussed the following work arounds which we will be implementing soon:-

              1) use send directly via smtp server option in send mail script step, and CC the sender into the email to get confirmation that the mail has been sent

              2) Provide user with option to output to PDF and open, user can then use Adobe Acrobat File, Attach to email option to send the PDF document.

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                Guys: This is a really serious problem for FileMaker Pro Mac users in the corporate (MS Exchange server) world who have been sending mail by Entourage (part of MS Office for Mac 2008).  As has been pointed out in this forum Entourage has been replaced by Outlook in MS Office for Mac 2011. So please make addressing this a priority.



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                  Bubba - calm down: my information is that Microsoft has changed the "architecture" between entrouage and outlook - god knows it needed to - and as a consequence it no longer connects the way it used to.

                  My golden rule is: if there are 2 software products implicated in a problem and one of them is from microsoft then the presumption is that its microsoft's fault.  it seldom fails me!Laughing

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                    That may be true but I care only about getting back to work.  If the consensus here is it's a Microsoft problem, we need to know that so we can call them.


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                      Ok - this is starting to bug me

                      Can we have an update as to filemaker's progress?

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                        Our Development department is still investigating what changes need to occur to make Outlook on the Mac compatible.  Keep in mind that Outlook 2011 is now Cocoa-based, while Entourage is carbon-based, so the code base is different.   Using a search engine, I found a Macworld review that provides some additional details about Outlook 2011 for Mac:


                        That's all the information I have at this time.

                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Said development team should've been investigating back when Outlook 2011 was in beta months and months ago. Now this is a business impacting issue.

                          Kindly fix your product.

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                            You cant criticise filemaker for not checking compatibility with other 3rd party software. Its up to you how you use the software and what you use it with.

                            You can only criticse them for not releasing a timely fix.

                            The onus is on you for not checking that Outlook 2011 is compatible with your other business software. This kind of thing happens all the time with Microsoft bug fixes and software patches.

                            It is important that companies test their business critical software for compatibility before updating, upgrading or installing new patches or bug fixes.

                            Roll back to Entourage, this will most likely provide a quicker solution to you than waiting for filemaker to release a patch to fix the issue.

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                              I do agree this sort of thing happens all the time and that the research should have been done before upgrading I am just frustrated that when this does happen vendors seem to forget their customer base completely. Onus' aside this is lazy and an update should have been ready months ago if they were even slightly customer oriented.

                              I will not be rolling our users back to Entourage in fact it will be much easier to find an alternative to FileMaker. Thank you for your response it's made it clear that a fix is nowhere close to ready and that the development team is totally unaware and out of touch.

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                                I also have a problem with newly installed Outlook 2010 & existing FM (8.5). Email script works fine with all our other computers who are still running Outlook. But when we run script to send mail which automatically attaches a pdf from FM layout it won't let me attach some other PDF's. Allows me to attach doc, xls & other files but not some scanned pdf's. Anyone got any suggestions?

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                                  When using FileMaker Pro 11 to send mail my workaround is to use Entourage for Mac 2008 with the get/send mail schedule set to manual, and temporarily set Entourage as the default mail application.

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                                    How is that a workaround?

                                    I may as well copy and past the email addresses into a new message in Outlook.

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