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"Yes" being evaluated as " Yes" via the Data Viewer

Question asked by StefanZaryczny on Jul 12, 2013
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"Yes" being evaluated as " Yes" via the Data Viewer


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Description of the issue

I was evaluating a checkbox in a script that is using a custom value list.  The custom value list uses "Yes" when the checkbox is checked.

If checkbox equals "Yes" do something, else do something different.

One record evaluates the checkbox as " Yes" (extra space) and another evaluates it as "Yes" no space.

I'm attaching screen shot of both instances of the Data Viewer.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I don't know how to reproduce it.

Expected result

The Data View should be evaluating "Yes" as "Yes" 100% in all instances.


I couldn't find a work around.

My first thought was to evaluate for either "Yes" or " Yes". 

If the dataviewer picks up a " Yes" with an extra space there does not appear to be a work around.

For instance if...

Data Viewer checkbox ABC value reads " Yes"

If ABC is not equal to " Yes"

This is IF statement is evaluated as TRUE when it should be evaluated as FALSE