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#2 biggest problem in FileMaker 12

Question asked by scottworld on Apr 20, 2012
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#2 biggest problem in FileMaker 12


FileMaker Pro



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Mac OS X 10.6.8

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For us, the #2 biggest problem in FileMaker 12 is this new "lassoing" (aka "selection" behavior) of FileMaker 12.

This ability was always available in the past by holding down the command key, but never once in the last 22 years have we ever want to select a group of objects in FileMaker simply by TOUCHING THEM with our mouse. We have always wanted to have an object selected ONLY WHEN COMPLETELY surrounding it with our mouse.

This isn't Adobe Illustrator... this is a database environment where we often have multiple overlapping objects, and we only want to select the items that we completely enclose with our mouse.

Yes, I know that we can hold down the command key to reverse this behavior, but why should we suddenly be forced to hold down the command key 99.99999% of the time, instead of the other way around? This should be immediately reverted back to how it was in all versions of FileMaker, from version 1.0 through version 11.0. Or at least give us a preference to toggle this default behavior.

I have spoken to DOZENS of FileMaker developers who do not like this new behavior at all, and ALL OF THEM want this reverted back.