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    'Enter Browse Mode' disabled after opening 'document' window


      'Enter Browse Mode' disabled after opening 'document' window


      FileMaker Pro


      Advance, 14.01

      Operating system version

      OS X 10.9.5

      Description of the issue

      After opening a new window (via GTRR in a script) that is a 'Document' style - but only has the 'zoom controls' showing (i.e. all the other widgets were disabled for this new window), with Toolbars hidden (not locked), and then entering 'Layout Mode' of this window, the ability to switch BACK to 'Browse Mode' is disabled.  The menu item is NOT grayed out, but it doesn't function.  Keyboard shortcut doesn't work.  Clicking the View Mode picker in the bottom left doesn't work.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Run the script that opens the window, enter 'Layout mode' (keyboard shortcut, CMD-L).

      Expected result

      Be able to re-enter Browse mode.

      Actual result

      Can't reenter Browse mode

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



      To get the option to reenter Browse re-enabled, I have found that I can click on the 'gear' icon in the top right (after re-showing the tool bar), and bring up one of the 'Manage...' windows, e.g. 'Security', 'Database', makes the functionality return through any of the 3 methods: keyboard, menu, 'Mode' picker.

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          Hmmm...may have realized what the problem was:  there was another window open (the parent window for this pop-up window) that had a pop-over open on it (which is where the button to open the pop-up window was located), and this pop-over had an 'onexit' trigger defined.  This script was being run when trying to enter 'Browse' mode in the new pop-up window.  The script was running OK, but that was apparently enough to prevent the switch to 'Browse' mode in the 2nd window.

          So maybe the bug is different:  why is a pop-over in another window trying to close when I EXIT Layout mode in a 2nd window?  It didn't close when I ENTERED Layout mode.

          And then why is this script inhibiting the mode switch?  It runs - fine, great, whatever.  But why does the running of it prevent the switch to Browse mode?  It doesn't have an 'Exit script [result: 0]' at the end.

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            Justin Close:


            Thank you for your post.


            I am not able to replicate, so I would like to take a look at your file. Please check your inbox at the top of this page for the submission instructions.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Could you have a situation where a script is tripping its own script trigger and thus trapping the system in an infinite loop?

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                TSPigeon:  I'm working on a file.  In the mean time, I clarified a bit more the setup.

                Layout with a popover button

                Popover has another button to open a 2nd layout (new window)

                Popover has a script trigger: onobjectexit

                Open popover, click button to open new window. 

                Go into layout-mode in that new window

                Make a CHANGE to the layout

                Try to enter 'Browse' mode - script trigger on the pop-over fires as FileMaker tries to close that popover before saving the changes apparently.

                Something in the firing of that trigger interferes with entering Browse mode.  In my case the pop-over didn't close when running this script trigger.

                If you drop to one of the 'Manage' screens the script trigger also fires, and the pop-over closes.  Then back on the 2nd window exiting Layout mode isn't interrupted by that trigger and it works OK.


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                  Justin Close:


                  Thank you for the information.


                  I am able to replicate this behavior in a new file with FileMaker Pro 13.0.10 and FileMaker Pro 14.0.2 with both the Windows and Mac OS X systems. To replicate I preformed these steps:


                  1. File > New Solution > Test.fmp12

                  2. Created New Layout "Test New Window"

                  3. Created a text object on this new layout "Move This"

                  3. Created "New Window" script:

                  New Window [ Style: Document ]

                  Go to Layout [ "Test New Window" ]

                  4. Created "OnObjectExit" script:

                  *you don't have to give it a script step*

                  5. On the first layout "Test" create a Popover Button

                  6. On the Popover Window set the OnObjectExit Trigger to run the "OnObjectExit" script

                  7. Create a standard button in the Popover Window and set to run "New Window" script

                  8. In Browse Mode on the "Test" Layout click the Popover Button

                  9. Click the "New window" Button in the Popover Window

                  10. The New Window will display the "Test New Window" layout, move between Layout Mode and Browse Mode. Note it works fine

                  11. Enter Layout Mode and move the text object "Move This" just slightly on the layout

                  12. Attempt to return to Browse Mode


                  FileMaker attempts to close the Popover Window in the "Test" layout even though we aren't affecting that Window or Layout. This gets us stuck in the Layout Mode of "Test New Window" in the second window.


                  Additionally, I have forwarded a report to Testing and Development for review. When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.



                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    An entry in the Known Bugs List has been linked to this Issue Report. Any Comments/Questions/Suggested Corrections should be posted here or in a new thread. Please do not post such comments to the Known Bugs List thread.