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'Enter Browse Mode' disabled after opening 'document' window

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Aug 20, 2015
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'Enter Browse Mode' disabled after opening 'document' window


FileMaker Pro


Advance, 14.01

Operating system version

OS X 10.9.5

Description of the issue

After opening a new window (via GTRR in a script) that is a 'Document' style - but only has the 'zoom controls' showing (i.e. all the other widgets were disabled for this new window), with Toolbars hidden (not locked), and then entering 'Layout Mode' of this window, the ability to switch BACK to 'Browse Mode' is disabled.  The menu item is NOT grayed out, but it doesn't function.  Keyboard shortcut doesn't work.  Clicking the View Mode picker in the bottom left doesn't work.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Run the script that opens the window, enter 'Layout mode' (keyboard shortcut, CMD-L).

Expected result

Be able to re-enter Browse mode.

Actual result

Can't reenter Browse mode

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



To get the option to reenter Browse re-enabled, I have found that I can click on the 'gear' icon in the top right (after re-showing the tool bar), and bring up one of the 'Manage...' windows, e.g. 'Security', 'Database', makes the functionality return through any of the 3 methods: keyboard, menu, 'Mode' picker.