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'Freeze Window' Step Fails with Window-related steps

Question asked by hschlossberg on Aug 3, 2009
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'Freeze Window' Step Fails with Window-related steps

Description of the issue

Freeze Window script step does not andhas not ever worked properly: 1) Using Freeze Window in most cases causes the screen to immediately refresh itself before it freezes.  Kind of defeats part of the purpose. 2) Certain window-related steps like MoveWindow and Adjust Window trigger an instant screen refresh even thoughyou have told it to freeze.  The result of this is a lot of screen flashing as you, say, create a new window, resize it to fit, and then center the window on the screen (once you have gotten its properly-sized measurements). 3) An alternative to #2 would be to create the new window off-screen (i.e. left:-3000), to resize it and get its measurements.  The other bug with "Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]", however, is that it causes an "off-screen" window to automatically reposition itself at top-left (i.e. left:0; top:0), so that I can't even do my resizing work off-screen without it still flashing on screen.