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.JPG files randomly missing after Snow Leopard upgrade

Question asked by KPearl on Mar 22, 2010
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.JPG files randomly missing after Snow Leopard upgrade

Description of the issue

Company just bought three IMacs running Snow Leopard. Did the file transfer from old eMacs running FM 10.  Our logo is a .jpg at the top of most of our layouts.  On these new machines, the logo randomly does not show up. It will be there one moment and then if you "edit layout" or close the database, it will disappear. Three different machines and each disappears randomly and not at the same time as the others. I know it's there because I have Leopard (10.5) and can see them on my computer.  I can edit the layout on the SL machines, and there is a field there for the .jpg, but it is blank.  I also replaced all the old pics with a new .jpg and that remains seen until you close the database. I saw another had this problem on the forums, but it was posted with the font problems, so it didn't get answered.  I've searched for possible problems with compatibility, but I haven't been able to find anything.  Any suggestions/help?