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    .Jpg problem in Filemaker pro5.5



      .Jpg problem in Filemaker pro5.5

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      Hi, I am trying to insert a .jpg into a file but somehow i cant select the file.Its a foto i got for internet.But when i try some other foto i made myself, there is no problem. How can i insert a foto that i downloaden?? greetsAndrez 

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          As a test, I just used an old copy of FMP 5.5 to insert a jpeg that I had downloaded from the internet into a container field and it worked just fine.


          Had you clicked the container field to select it before pulling down the insert menu?


          Are you using a windows platform?


          Does the downloaded file have the correct .jpg suffix on the file name?


          It sounds like filemaker doesn't recognize the file as one with the correct format and a missing/different suffix might be the cause.


          If all else fails, use a different program to open the file, select the images, and copy it to the clipboard. Now you can paste the image from the clipboard into the container field.

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            Thank you for your reply.


            The copy pasting thing with another program did the trick.

            I dont understand why it cant work the "normal" way. But hey, it works now.


            Thx again.