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.rnd file prevents syncing mobile home directories.

Question asked by aobajapan on Jun 17, 2009
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.rnd file prevents syncing mobile home directories.

Description of the issue

The same issue as was posted here is happening with me, so I'm posting this to the FileMaker forums:  I have a MacBook with OS X 10.5.6 and Filemaker Pro 10.0v1 (client) installed. I log in with a Open Directory user and it utilizes mobile directories, so my home directory syncs with the server when I shutdown and start up. After installing Filemaker, shutdowns are interrupted with a warning window saying that the /Users//.rnd file was not able to sync. It's because the file is owned and readable only by root:-rw-------   1 root       staff   1024 Jun 12 10:26 .rnd The date reflects the day Filemaker was installed.As with the other post, I had to change permissions/ownership to get past the syncing problem. What is this file for and will it be fixed?