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1000 record table with one container field causes filemaker pro 11 to hang, only parts of the table...

Question asked by carolg_1 on Jul 2, 2010
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1000 record table with one container field causes filemaker pro 11 to hang, only parts of the table visible


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X snow leopard

Description of the issue

I have a data base consisting of a single table with about a dozen fields in it. It has 950 records. Access has been totally uneventful until today, when I created the new fields required to add Tiff files in a container field for each record. I specified that a pointer to the Tiff file should be stored, not the file itself. By the way, I created a test file with one record and was able to successfully create and access one of these TIFF files. Troubles only began when I imported these filenames into the full table.

I had a thumbnail field defined which has not been used by FMP (but I really don't use it). The thumbnail icon appears in the container field. On the rare occasion when I can navigate to the TIFF container field, clicking on the container box or the thumbnail has no effect. In fact, the Mac color wheel typically starts spinning and I have to terminate use of the database. 

Most often, when I open the file, the entire table of 950 records appears for the pre-existing fields. When I try to navigate in table view to the new fields, the cursor will not move and I cannot see these fields. After a few minutes of watching the color wheel spin, I might be able to tab over to the container, but still can't display the tiff file. Then, if I try to tab back to the leftmost fields in a record, the program occasionally hangs again. This behavior is somewhat erratic and the sequence of events is not always consistent. One other thing I observed was a double image of the thumbnails in the column for the container. Once the file loaded completely, the double image disappeared and all the new fields looked normal until I tried to either access the TIFF or navigate further down the table.Then it would hang again.

The file names stored in the records appear to be totally correct, and I can access these files outside of FMP.

Creation of these new records took quite a while, and the color wheel appeared numerous times. I would see some of the records updated with the new fields, but then the wheel would show up again and I could no longer see the new fields.

I appreciate any suggestions on either fixing this or working around it.

Carol Grossman

Steps to reproduce the problem

described above. since my original table was so small and flat (no relationships), it should be easy to reproduce with a folder containing a bunch of tiff files being imported into a small table.

Expected result

expected to be able to click on the tiff container field and see the Tiff images displayed

Actual result

see above--do not see images, and program behaves erratically and eventually hangs

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

as described above.  I'm running on a 4 gbyte iMac running OS X snow leopard with up to date maintenance. All software is at current support levels. I have not installed the recently announced patches to FMP 11. WOuld this help?