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    11.0v2 Adv builds a Runtime that hangs



      11.0v2 Adv builds a Runtime that hangs


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.6

      Description of the issue

      After updating to v11.0.2, I built a new version of our runtime and users reported that application now hangs without ever bringing up the database and they have to "force quit" the runtime.  This was not a problem until I applied the 11.0.2.

      I tried this on the WIndows side and there does not seem to be a problem.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      On an OS X machine, upgrade to 11.0.2..   Generate an OS X runtime version of a database.  Try to bring up the database in the runtime.

      Expected result

      Runtime application should load and display the database

      Actual result

      Runtime starts, but "pinwheel" keeps going and application is unresponsive.  Only thing that can be done is to "force quit" the application

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information

      Have tried runtime on several machines with same result, but all are at OS X 10.6



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          See if deleting preferences makes a difference here. That might provide a clue...

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            I deleted the preferences for both the runtime and for Advanced.  I re-generated the runtime (just in case the problem was in the building part), and then tried re-starting the runtime.  It did create new preference files, but it still hung with the pinwheel and the database never opened. 

            A little more information:  All of the menus from "File" over to "Window" have all their choices greyed out except the "Show Window" item under Window which then shows the name of my DB in parentheses, but click on it does nothing that I can see.  The first menu choice (named after my runtime) shows "About..." and "Preferences" which both work as well as "Services..." and some "Hide" choices. "Quit" shows active, but does nothing.  Only force quitting the application does anything.

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              Steve Wright

              I am not experiencing this issue myself, could it be a plugin perhaps which is causing this issue ?

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                You might also check for file corruption, just to rule that possibility out. Also, anychance you have a script set to run on startup that's trapped in a never ending loop? (That will grey out a lot of your menu choices.)

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                  Fixed it.  Previously, when I regenerated the runtime, I was overwriting what was previously there and this was never a problem.  It also preserved the extra files I was including with the application.  Apparently, there was some FileMaker file or files generated by the earlier version that was not being overwritten by 11.0.2.  I tried comparing one that doesn't work vs. one that does and could not see any real differences, but apparently there is something as it worked.  As an additional note, now that I have generated a working runtime in 11.0.2, if I regenerate a new runtime over the top of this without previously completely deleting the earlier one (as I often did before), everything continues to work fine.