AnsweredAssumed Answered update crashes MBP i5

Question asked by jamessfisher on Nov 15, 2012

Summary update crashes MBP i5


FileMaker Pro

Version update

Operating system version

OS 10.8.2

Description of the issue

The installer for the update crashes my MacBookPro i5. I have successfully installed the update on my iMac (also running OS 10.8.2), but when I tried to install it on the laptop it crashed. This occurred when the installer said there was 4 minutes left.

I have tried several times, but it crashes at the same point each time. I have downloaded the installer again, but have the same problem.

I could not find a post about this on the forum.



Steps to reproduce the problem

Click on installer, accept conditions, installation appears to be working, but freezes when installer says that there are four minutes remaining.

Expected result

Installation of update.

Actual result

Machine crashes.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Installation stalls and machine restarts.

Configuration information

MacBook Pro i5 OS 10.8.2, 8 GB RAM, 436 GB available hard disc space.